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Inspection Information

Rules for parcel forwarding, signed acceptance, and inspection

1. When signing on receipt of a parcel, if we find that the parcel does not suit the product packaging requirements (for example, if the exterior of the packaging is seriously damaged), we will not accept the parcel and may return it to you.

2. If your parcel fulfills all product packaging requirements, we will then open it and check for forbidden items, then weigh it and place it in the warehouse.

3. If your product does not fulfill the requirements for air shipment, we will mark the corresponding order and notify you concerning product returning affairs.

4. If you find the parcel has not been signed by our warehouse after the standard delivery date (our warehouse is located in ShangHai and usually the domestic parcel should arrive in 3 to 5 business days), please contact your domestic logistics provider or the online customer service team to check the status of the parcel.

Standard inspection service for parcel forwarding orders

One. You can select "No Quality Inspection" or "Standard Quality Inspection" for a forwarding order according to your need.

For forwarding parcels, we only check them for restricted items. There will be no counting or professional quality inspection. If you need us to verify the number, color and size, etc. of the products, please selectInspection checkwhen submitting the order.

1.If you have selected "Inspection & Check", we will check the product appearance including style, quantity, color, size, model, etc. according to the product details left in your order. For products packed with plastic packaging and those from non-apparel / bag / shoe categories that are packed with sealing labels or strips, we will only check their appearance for damage without getting them unpacked, and decide if the products delivered are correct based on their outer package. All products will be checked for contraband.


a. Ebaychn does not inspect the color difference, size error, product performance, the model of the mobile phone case (film), glasses strength, the lining of the clothes and the appearance of the commodity box.

b. Ebaychn does not inspect the quality, models, and accessories of professional products, such as electronics, digital products, and the related peripherals or accessories.

c. Ebaychn does not unpack sealed parcels and parcels with a sealing label or strip except for parcels of clothes, suitcases, bags, and shoes. Ebaychn only inspects whether the appearance is intact and whether the delivered products are as described by the outer package information.

d. If you want to forward a parcel that you have bought from a seller, clearly note the name and quantity of gifts, if any, in the order to enable Ebaychn to inspect whether the gifts are delivered. If you do not provide a note, Ebaychn will not inspect the gifts or provide after-sales service for them.

e. For orders without real product information, such as RMB 1 deal, blessing bags, invalid product links, links without real products, multi-purpose auctions, orders for shipping freights, quantity orders, and mosaic product pictures, Ebaychn cannot check the information, such as the product type, quantity, color, size, and model. For these orders, Ebaychn only inspects whether the product appearance has damage, stain, dyeing, or defects. Product details should be inspected based on the inspection photo.

2. If you do not select “Standard Quality Inspection”, we will either refuse to sign the parcel or change the box/packaging for you.

3. The inspection rules of the 1688 orders

The description of the standard photo service

1. What is the Standard Photo service?

The Standard Photo service allows customers to understand product information in advance.

2. What type of inspection services should I select to enjoy the Standard Photo service?

For forwarding orders, see the following table.

3. Standard Photo examples